Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

Do you really understand what is causing the make-up on your makeup to stand out and make your beauty “go down”? If you often encounter this situation, you certainly have something missing in the daily beauty cycle. Join us to find out the reason why foundation look cakey and the best way to use foundation to minimize cakey phenomenon when applying makeup.

What is foundation look cakey?

What Cakey is is the question that won a lot of attention from women when makeup. The moldy makeup, also known as cakey, makes the face dry, rough and cracked into layers of chalk. This error is often encountered in those who are new to makeup, inexperienced in dispersing the foundation, not using foundation, dry skin… If you stand in the light, you will see very clearly the defects.

So now, we will find out what is the cause of this phenomenon, the best way to apply best lightweight foundation to make a perfect face.

Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

So what causes foundation look cakey?

Knowing the cause, you can know how to handle cakey errors when applying makeup. This error has several causes:

Cake happens when the hands touch the foundation or powder foundation.

Uneven spread of powder or multi-layered makeup: basic, concealer, foundation, foundation …

Your makeup steps are incorrect: Use powder before or between foundation types, or don’t wait long enough between steps.

Dry skin: Cakey appears when the skin lacks moisture, making it difficult for the chalk layer to “eat” into the skin, becomes dry and tends to clump, flake.

Oily skin: Cakey appears due to excessive sweaty and oily skin, causing makeup to slip off.

In addition, if you make up too many layers (foundation cream, oil alkaline foundation, concealer, foundation … but these products belong to the high coverage (high coverage), the face skin is also very easy to cakey. after makeup.

The use of too much oil in the summer can cause cakey skin after applying makeup.

Tips to prevent cakey skin condition

Provide adequate moisture to the skin

If you still use moisturizing cosmetics every day but still encounter this condition, perhaps the reason is that the ingredients in it are not able to moisturize the skin.

At this time, the best solution is to quickly change these skin care products to those with more moisturizing compounds.

In parallel, you should also exfoliate your skin regularly. Because without these cells removed, the nutrients in skin care products cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

Skincare habit not only helps girls avoid cakey condition when makeup, but also makes the skin smooth and youthful!

Use a lightweight foundation

Usually, to cover skin imperfections such as acne spots or bruises, women will tend to use too much foundation to cover them. However, this is a makeup step not recommended by experts.

In fact, you just need to apply a thin, light foundation and apply on the skin. This is the secret to keep makeup lasting and avoid mold.

Concealer, please give more specialized products. A small but very effective tip for you is to loosen the foundation by combining a bit of skin lotion in a 2: 1 ratio. Then, you spread evenly on the surface with a brush or specialized chalk.

If you do not like using brushes, you can completely use your hands to spread foundation. The advantage of this method is that the warmth from the body will help the less quickly penetrate.

Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

Spray mineral water on makeup sponge

Spraying mineral water on makeup sponge is probably something that is quite strange to Vietnamese women. However, in the world, you will see many beauty bloggers use this method when makeup. The advantage of moisturizing the makeup sponge will help make the foundation look moisturized and smooth. At the same time, this is also a way for her to temporarily suckle.

You only need to spray a little mineral water on the sponge and wait a bit until the sponge is dry or slightly damp, then start the next makeup steps.

How to handle cakey errors when makeup is simplest

Have you ever completed makeup, found that foundation shows signs of cakey and no makeup time? No need to worry, check out some of the fixes below to temporarily “fire”.

Use a blotting paper

Cakey condition will often appear in oily girls. So when you see this sign, use a blotting paper to remove sebum in areas like the nose, chin … then gently cover with a little colorless powder. This will help make the makeup layer new and more beautiful.

Use cotton pads soaked in water

Soak a cotton ball or soft cloth with cool water, squeeze it dry, then gently rub it over any makeup.

Use mineral spray

This is a quick way to “rescue” that many people regularly use. Specifically, spray a light mist on your face, then use your hands to clean, rub evenly and rotate like a wash to smooth the makeup.

Cakey happened in part due to a lack of makeup experience, partly due to dry, bad, and acne-prone skin. To overcome this, you need to take care of your skin from deep within.

How to apply foundation without look cakey

Be careful in the makeup steps to not suffer from this situation. The makeup steps without foundation cakey as follows:

  • Clean your face, use toner and moisturizer before makeup to avoid drying your skin. For oily skin and oily combination, use moisturizing gel to avoid clogging pores.
  • Apply only a thin layer of foundation to your face (for skin with lots of imperfections, you should use more concealer, not too alkaline oil base cream is too thick).
  • Using a cotton swab firmly, firmly in the direction perpendicular to the face, avoiding the foaming will make the foundation quickly drift.
  • Use a brush to apply a little powder to coat with powder and flake to make it loose, and apply it gently on your face, many people are afraid of not eating, so just use a lot of chalk to apply on the face, so the skin will be very easy be dry. You should use powdered powder instead of using compacted powder to make it more natural and smooth.
  • If you have dry skin, you can use creamy blush to create a shiny effect for your face. However, if you have oily or combination skin oils, you should consider carefully before using.
  • Mineral spray after finishing makeup steps to supply water, help the foundation of foundation, foundation, oil control powder to smooth more smoothly.

Thus, just following the steps of makeup, moisturizing the skin, powdering carefully is a way to avoid and handle cakey errors when makeup simple and effective. Do not be in a hurry when applying foundation!