Is it Really Ok to Use Baby Powder On Babies?

In recent news, it has been determined by scientist that baby powder is dangerous for people. Drug Administration finds the asbestos substance made in the powder. That substance has the power to cause one cancer if it is inhaled in big doses. Johnson and Johnson baby powder company is being used in the year 2018. Strangely, this news is just now coming out. People knew about this baby powder problem back in the 1970’s. But, that was before the internet. Media could not have got around to every state unless the president made an announcement on TV. So, the question now is should I be using baby powder for my baby? Well, it depends on how you choose to use it. More information for you below.

What is Inside Baby Powder

Made with natural minerals called talc. Talc is not man made mineral. Has the ability to cause cancer or make someone breath unevenly. Mineral is safe for babies to use on their skin. Does not cause problems to skin. Mainly causes problems to a human if the substance is inhaled from the mouth or nose. Keep the smell away from you and your baby. Talc comes from a rock. Tiny little white stones bond together on a rock to form a community of talc. Talc comes in many bright colors. Most say it comes in white or clear color. Fun fact, white is the same color as baby powder so it make sense for talc to be white. The best baby powders are sure to have a white talc in it too.

Safe Way to Use Baby Powder

Baby powder is dangerous, but you can still use it today if you want. The baby powder still provides effective use in protecting the baby’s overall skin and preventing rashes. Best baby powders provide highest protection. Now, you must keep the smell away from its nose. Babies have very weak bodies and being exposed to too much talc can cause them to catch cancer or die from breath. First off, open the baby powder and take out a small portion. Then, spread it on the baby’s rump or under skin. Spread it on places where the baby can not smell it with hands or come near it. In summary, as long as you put the baby powder on skin areas not next to baby nose, you should be able to apply baby powder without causing harm.

To expand, baby powder should only be used on babies when changing diapers. Never use baby powder for other uses. It doesn’t matter if you need it for a shower or for a beach make over. Do not use it for other uses so you can keep your family safe and baby safe. Understand, the chemicals can get in your nose and cause problems. The plan is to keep the powder away from nose and stuck in diapers only. That is the safe way to do it.

Alternatives to Using Baby Powder

Baking soda is a good way to clean baby’s under skins and keep skin fresh. Baking soda is not something your neighbors will tell you. But, that one person you meet on the street will. Baking soda uses beauty healing chemicals to eliminate all odors and hydrate skin. In fact, baking soda can make skin soft and get rid of acne. Baking soda is secretly one of the best skin healing chemicals that most people think is for washing clothes only. Baking soda can additionally balance the level of skin color on baby. If your looking for a multi-purpose skin moisturizer that is cheap, look no further then the baking soda sitting in your cabinet. Warning, you need to mix baking soda with water for it be effective. Make sure to mix it every time you use it on skin or for other beauty purposes.