How Long Can a Tattoo Have Lotion On It

How Long Can a Tattoo Have Lotion On It

A tattoo can have lotion on it, when its time to have lotion on it. Put lotion on that tattoo when you are going out with the Sun. Use the best sunscreen for tattoos or the cheapest. No need to put it on your tattoo at night. I can see if your trying to heal it but even then its unnecessary. Some people put lotion on their tattoo every day. That’s not a good idea. It can ruin the hydration of your tattoo and cause skin problems. The tattoo can only stay fresh if a light layer of lotion is applied to the skin. Too much disrupts the healing process. Not something you want for your new tattoo. Your tattoo also needs protection for the years to come. You will have that same tattoo for many years. Here are some information with basic tattoo and lotion knowledge.

Wait for the New Tattoo to Heal First

After you receive each tattoo, your skin starts a new layer of skin. It makes a layer that gives you more protection. At the time, the body develops a scab for your tattoo. It looks a little unpleasant but its normal and will go away soon. When you arrive to your house, do not apply liquid to the tattoo. Even if its recommended. Wait 3 days for the tattoo to be healed. Let the tattoo heal itself completely. The healing process can take longer.

Its very important to wait for the tattoo even if you disagree. That tattoo is going through a healing process that can look worse and hurt more, if you don’t let it run its course. I know your in a hurry, but tattoo healing is something you got to just wait for. Wait, it won’t be too long and its beneficial to your overall health.

To add more, you should kick your feet up on the couch and watch your favorite TV show for awhile. The tattoo needs to not be involved in physical use. The activity will damage the skin and cause the tattoo to shed its color.

How long it Take to Work

Want the exact time frame of tattoo healing? It should take about 2 weeks. Though, some people need a little more time to heal their tattoos. Its due to people having different skin types. You can increase the healing process by giving your body proper hydration and diet. Some training experts say it works. Now, the hands and feet heal up fast. They heal up in about two weeks. The human body makes the arms and legs heal faster. Its connected to ancient survival procedures. Parts in other areas take more then 2 weeks. About 1 month or so.

How to Use Sunscreen on Tattoo Properly

There is a proper way to use sunscreen on your tattoo. Use the best sunscreen for tattoos when you want to add the sunscreen. Don’t use any old sunscreen on the shelf. Those are the one not designed for tattoos. You only need to use it when you go out in the day. You don’t need to put it on during the night. Its for Sun protection. Put a thin layer of sunscreen on as well. You don’t want to cause hydration issues with your tattoo. Keep it to a low amount.