Top 10 Gift Ideas for New Dads 2020

Becoming a dad is something new for men and they are involved in some emotional change as well with the new responsibilities. So, being a friend you can gift the new dad’s something that he needs and he can feel pampered and special at the same time. Listed below are some great ideas for gifting the soon to be dads:

#1. Midnight Bag

When daddy is out with his child on a big day without his mother, then he needs a bag that contains all the things required by the child. The bag must be portable and durable in nature so that it allows you to store the milk bottle, diaper, lotion, and even baby powder. And he can change the clothes of his baby while the baby is pooping. The bag can also include the toys for the kid to play.

#2. Father’s T-Shirt

The heather crew is basically a first father’s day shirts made up of cotton which allows you to breathe. Unlike the t-shirt having a graphic design that you wear during your college days, this t-shirt will allow him to feel comfortable and at the same time looks like a dad. Also, not only he will look good but will also make him feel good. This first father’s day shirt will not make him look like an old person nut will make him feel young and absorb sweat.

#3. Echo Dot

Let the advance technology do its work for the new dad by reminding them, the schedule of milk feeding them or changing their diaper. It is the same as Alexa’s reminder that let the men fulfill their duty of a new dad as well as other important work. The Echo Dot will help in juggling between his baby’s responsibilities along with the office’s work with ease and without any hassle.

#4. Shearling Slipper

If your home has a multi-story, then it will be quite difficult for the new dad to go up and down the stairs with the normal slippers. The shearling in the slipper will help their feet go cozy as well as they give their feet a good grip preventing them from slipping especially on the stairs. The multi-story building adds double responsibility on the daddy’s shoulder so shearling slipper will lend help to them.

#5. Air Carrier

The carrier is the best option to gift to a new dad who loves to do the multi-tasking and it helps him to be close to his child while doing other works. He can carry his baby anywhere they want while doing their important work such as cleaning and cooking and can also help them in spending some quality time with his friends and family. It can be stored easily in a bag pack and the new dad can carry his kid by unfolding the air carrier.

#6. Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is an important thing required by a dad after a whole day of caring for his baby. After a long tiring day, he needs to relax so he needs a coffee maker to keep his mind fresh and can rejuvenate his energy again to do his duty of taking care of his baby. The coffee maker will keep him warm and calm and will make him relax and happy.

#7. Removable Foam Cup

The carrier is a very good help for the dad to carry on his work and enjoy his other work as well along with fulfilling his duty of taking care of a child. The foam cup is basically a soft boxer that provides extra protection to the air carrier and will keep the daddy’s mind free from any tension. This will make him enjoy with his friends and families and he can look after his baby at the same time.

#8. Pillow

Sleep is a necessity not only for the baby and mother but also for the working father as he also runs behind looking after the child all day. After the long tiring day, the new dad needs to sleep which is very precious for him and for a good sleep he needs a good pillow. The pillow that you gift to the new daddy must be comfortable and he can rest. Or you can gift him a customized pillow which will be totally according to his needs and make him feel peaceful at the end of the day.

#9. Light

The therapy light will keep him active for the next day after a good night’s sleep and will also make him fall asleep fast without any disturbance. And if there is an alert situation in the form of crying baby, then this therapy light will help him actively go to his baby and provide him whatever needed. Around midnight, this light will make him fulfill his duty and he can again fall asleep as this light has very little brightness.

#10. Alarm Clock

The “taking care of baby” period is something crucial and very much memorable for the new dad especially as they face new problems every day. To get ready to face such challenges, he needs to be preparing for the earliest as we perform well only if we start early. If the new dad has the problem of getting up early in the morning, then the alarm clock will be a blessing in disguise. It will surely force him to wake up.


Being a dad comes with a lot of responsibility on his shoulder as he starts thinking for his child, so you need to share some burden of your friend by gifting him something that he needs the most at such a special time of his life. It will surely make him feel good and will feel organized and make him spare some time for himself. His first Father’s Day will be more special by your gift will make him relax. We hope that this article will help you in getting your friend relaxed and rejuvenate towards his responsibility as a dad.