Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

Do you really understand what is causing the make-up on your makeup to stand out and make your beauty “go down”? If you often encounter this situation, you certainly have something missing in the daily beauty cycle. Join us to find out the reason why foundation look cakey and the best way to use foundation to minimize cakey phenomenon when applying makeup.

What is foundation look cakey?

What Cakey is is the question that won a lot of attention from women when makeup. The moldy makeup, also known as cakey, makes the face dry, rough and cracked into layers of chalk. This error is often encountered in those who are new to makeup, inexperienced in dispersing the foundation, not using foundation, dry skin… If you stand in the light, you will see very clearly the defects.

So now, we will find out what is the cause of this phenomenon, the best way to apply best lightweight foundation to make a perfect face.

Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

So what causes foundation look cakey?

Knowing the cause, you can know how to handle cakey errors when applying makeup. This error has several causes:

Cake happens when the hands touch the foundation or powder foundation.

Uneven spread of powder or multi-layered makeup: basic, concealer, foundation, foundation …

Your makeup steps are incorrect: Use powder before or between foundation types, or don’t wait long enough between steps.

Dry skin: Cakey appears when the skin lacks moisture, making it difficult for the chalk layer to “eat” into the skin, becomes dry and tends to clump, flake.

Oily skin: Cakey appears due to excessive sweaty and oily skin, causing makeup to slip off.

In addition, if you make up too many layers (foundation cream, oil alkaline foundation, concealer, foundation … but these products belong to the high coverage (high coverage), the face skin is also very easy to cakey. after makeup.

The use of too much oil in the summer can cause cakey skin after applying makeup.

Tips to prevent cakey skin condition

Provide adequate moisture to the skin

If you still use moisturizing cosmetics every day but still encounter this condition, perhaps the reason is that the ingredients in it are not able to moisturize the skin.

At this time, the best solution is to quickly change these skin care products to those with more moisturizing compounds.

In parallel, you should also exfoliate your skin regularly. Because without these cells removed, the nutrients in skin care products cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

Skincare habit not only helps girls avoid cakey condition when makeup, but also makes the skin smooth and youthful!

Use a lightweight foundation

Usually, to cover skin imperfections such as acne spots or bruises, women will tend to use too much foundation to cover them. However, this is a makeup step not recommended by experts.

In fact, you just need to apply a thin, light foundation and apply on the skin. This is the secret to keep makeup lasting and avoid mold.

Concealer, please give more specialized products. A small but very effective tip for you is to loosen the foundation by combining a bit of skin lotion in a 2: 1 ratio. Then, you spread evenly on the surface with a brush or specialized chalk.

If you do not like using brushes, you can completely use your hands to spread foundation. The advantage of this method is that the warmth from the body will help the less quickly penetrate.

Why Does My Foundation Look Cakey?

Spray mineral water on makeup sponge

Spraying mineral water on makeup sponge is probably something that is quite strange to Vietnamese women. However, in the world, you will see many beauty bloggers use this method when makeup. The advantage of moisturizing the makeup sponge will help make the foundation look moisturized and smooth. At the same time, this is also a way for her to temporarily suckle.

You only need to spray a little mineral water on the sponge and wait a bit until the sponge is dry or slightly damp, then start the next makeup steps.

How to handle cakey errors when makeup is simplest

Have you ever completed makeup, found that foundation shows signs of cakey and no makeup time? No need to worry, check out some of the fixes below to temporarily “fire”.

Use a blotting paper

Cakey condition will often appear in oily girls. So when you see this sign, use a blotting paper to remove sebum in areas like the nose, chin … then gently cover with a little colorless powder. This will help make the makeup layer new and more beautiful.

Use cotton pads soaked in water

Soak a cotton ball or soft cloth with cool water, squeeze it dry, then gently rub it over any makeup.

Use mineral spray

This is a quick way to “rescue” that many people regularly use. Specifically, spray a light mist on your face, then use your hands to clean, rub evenly and rotate like a wash to smooth the makeup.

Cakey happened in part due to a lack of makeup experience, partly due to dry, bad, and acne-prone skin. To overcome this, you need to take care of your skin from deep within.

How to apply foundation without look cakey

Be careful in the makeup steps to not suffer from this situation. The makeup steps without foundation cakey as follows:

  • Clean your face, use toner and moisturizer before makeup to avoid drying your skin. For oily skin and oily combination, use moisturizing gel to avoid clogging pores.
  • Apply only a thin layer of foundation to your face (for skin with lots of imperfections, you should use more concealer, not too alkaline oil base cream is too thick).
  • Using a cotton swab firmly, firmly in the direction perpendicular to the face, avoiding the foaming will make the foundation quickly drift.
  • Use a brush to apply a little powder to coat with powder and flake to make it loose, and apply it gently on your face, many people are afraid of not eating, so just use a lot of chalk to apply on the face, so the skin will be very easy be dry. You should use powdered powder instead of using compacted powder to make it more natural and smooth.
  • If you have dry skin, you can use creamy blush to create a shiny effect for your face. However, if you have oily or combination skin oils, you should consider carefully before using.
  • Mineral spray after finishing makeup steps to supply water, help the foundation of foundation, foundation, oil control powder to smooth more smoothly.

Thus, just following the steps of makeup, moisturizing the skin, powdering carefully is a way to avoid and handle cakey errors when makeup simple and effective. Do not be in a hurry when applying foundation!

What to Use After Shaving Your Head?

Shaving head in the summer season will be beneficial for you and men or women both can shave up their head. The head shaving has become a trend nowadays, which has been followed by en number of people. So if you are a type of person who is willing to just go with the flow, then shaving head can serve you with numerous benefits. Most of the people are not aware of the care of the bald head, and they are not quite familiar with these things, which can let them bear a massive loss.

What to Use After Shaving Your Head?

The bald head becomes more sensitive, and you need to take care of it, taking care of yourself is capable of letting you face en number of benefits. As we have discussed earlier most of the people are not aware of it, so here we are to guide you on the path where you are proficient enough to take care of such things and prevent yourself from bearing any issues related to a bald head. The bald head means you are going to get the new hair growth if you are willing to get healthier and shinier hair then you should read this entire article.

In this piece of writing, we are going to elaborate on the things that you need to know about the care of bald head, and we have described some of the essential steps that are capable of serving the reader with sufficient information regarding the care of the bald head. To make your bald head shiner then preferably get the best bald head lotion, but you should consider buying the finest one which has been manufactured by the reliable company. Moving on, have a look at the steps or tips that you can consider performing for your bald head.

What to Use After Shaving Your Head?

Things to consider after shaving your head

When you visit the market, you will see en number of products which have been manufactured by numerous reliable firms, here we are going to guide you with sufficient information that you need to know about the things that you can consider doing after shaving your head. At the following points, we have described some tips or steps that you can consider doing to take care of your bald head, and these things will let you get healthier and shinier hair growth. So without investing much time, let’s have a look at the following points to unveil those steps.

Continue using the shampoo and conditioner

The bald head will let you grow the new hair growth very fast, so that tiny hair requires proper attention and care like you use to do before shaving your head. You should continue using the shampoo and conditioners, but you should use it limitedly that should be according to your hair growth. You can use the drop of shampoo and conditioners as the tiny hair will require them up to a certain amount only. Preferably after shaving your head do not stop using the shampoo and conditioner.

Keep your shaved head moisturized and shiner

More often, people skip this step as they found it quite weird, but here we are going to elaborate on the necessities of this step. The bald head needs to moisturize as not using the right products can make it dry and irritated, which can easily affect the growth of new hair. If you are willing to keep it hydrated then drink plenty of water and you are allowed to use the reliable and sensitive moisturizer to make it moist again.

Put oil on your head and massage it regularly

Oiling is the finest way to make hair healthier and stronger if you have shaved up your head then preferably massage your head with the reliable oil to gain numerous benefits. Doing such things will directly affect your new hair growth by making them healthier and stronger. Oiling and massaging the shaved head can let you get countless benefits along with the relaxation of mind. There is a countless developer who has been manufacturing numerous hair oils but should get the finest and most elegant one according to your necessities to gain more benefits. Preferably consider buying the Best Bald Head Lotion if you are unable to perform this step.

What to Use After Shaving Your Head?

Which thing is necessary to use when you just finished shaving your head?

When you are done with shaving your entire head, then you should moisturize it as this is the mandatory step for the people who had shaved their head. You need to get the right and reliable moisturizer to make it moist so that you will not feel any kind of irritation or itching. You need to moisturize your head once you are done with shaving, and you need to use the best bald head lotion or the reliable aftershave lotion which will be helpful for head’s skin. The moisturizing will become a part of your routine once you are done with shaving.

These were some of the tips or the steps that you can consider while taking care of your bald head; these steps or the tips are proficient enough to serve you with numerous benefits. We have compiled each possible details regarding the things that you can do once you are done with shaving your entire head up. We have described each essential details to serve the readers with ease while gaining more information regarding the things that they can perform after shaving their head, and we have also described some steps that they can consider performing in their routine life.

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact that the shaving up your head is easy, but you need to step the whole new schedule to take care of your bald head. The bald head needs care and attention, and preferably you should step up the schedule that is easily followed by yours. We hope the information mentioned above have helped you to know more regarding the things that you can consider after shaving your head.

Top 10 Gift Ideas for New Dads 2020

Becoming a dad is something new for men and they are involved in some emotional change as well with the new responsibilities. So, being a friend you can gift the new dad’s something that he needs and he can feel pampered and special at the same time. Listed below are some great ideas for gifting the soon to be dads:

#1. Midnight Bag

When daddy is out with his child on a big day without his mother, then he needs a bag that contains all the things required by the child. The bag must be portable and durable in nature so that it allows you to store the milk bottle, diaper, lotion, and even baby powder. And he can change the clothes of his baby while the baby is pooping. The bag can also include the toys for the kid to play.

#2. Father’s T-Shirt

The heather crew is basically a first father’s day shirts made up of cotton which allows you to breathe. Unlike the t-shirt having a graphic design that you wear during your college days, this t-shirt will allow him to feel comfortable and at the same time looks like a dad. Also, not only he will look good but will also make him feel good. This first father’s day shirt will not make him look like an old person nut will make him feel young and absorb sweat.

#3. Echo Dot

Let the advance technology do its work for the new dad by reminding them, the schedule of milk feeding them or changing their diaper. It is the same as Alexa’s reminder that let the men fulfill their duty of a new dad as well as other important work. The Echo Dot will help in juggling between his baby’s responsibilities along with the office’s work with ease and without any hassle.

#4. Shearling Slipper

If your home has a multi-story, then it will be quite difficult for the new dad to go up and down the stairs with the normal slippers. The shearling in the slipper will help their feet go cozy as well as they give their feet a good grip preventing them from slipping especially on the stairs. The multi-story building adds double responsibility on the daddy’s shoulder so shearling slipper will lend help to them.

#5. Air Carrier

The carrier is the best option to gift to a new dad who loves to do the multi-tasking and it helps him to be close to his child while doing other works. He can carry his baby anywhere they want while doing their important work such as cleaning and cooking and can also help them in spending some quality time with his friends and family. It can be stored easily in a bag pack and the new dad can carry his kid by unfolding the air carrier.

#6. Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is an important thing required by a dad after a whole day of caring for his baby. After a long tiring day, he needs to relax so he needs a coffee maker to keep his mind fresh and can rejuvenate his energy again to do his duty of taking care of his baby. The coffee maker will keep him warm and calm and will make him relax and happy.

#7. Removable Foam Cup

The carrier is a very good help for the dad to carry on his work and enjoy his other work as well along with fulfilling his duty of taking care of a child. The foam cup is basically a soft boxer that provides extra protection to the air carrier and will keep the daddy’s mind free from any tension. This will make him enjoy with his friends and families and he can look after his baby at the same time.

#8. Pillow

Sleep is a necessity not only for the baby and mother but also for the working father as he also runs behind looking after the child all day. After the long tiring day, the new dad needs to sleep which is very precious for him and for a good sleep he needs a good pillow. The pillow that you gift to the new daddy must be comfortable and he can rest. Or you can gift him a customized pillow which will be totally according to his needs and make him feel peaceful at the end of the day.

#9. Light

The therapy light will keep him active for the next day after a good night’s sleep and will also make him fall asleep fast without any disturbance. And if there is an alert situation in the form of crying baby, then this therapy light will help him actively go to his baby and provide him whatever needed. Around midnight, this light will make him fulfill his duty and he can again fall asleep as this light has very little brightness.

#10. Alarm Clock

The “taking care of baby” period is something crucial and very much memorable for the new dad especially as they face new problems every day. To get ready to face such challenges, he needs to be preparing for the earliest as we perform well only if we start early. If the new dad has the problem of getting up early in the morning, then the alarm clock will be a blessing in disguise. It will surely force him to wake up.


Being a dad comes with a lot of responsibility on his shoulder as he starts thinking for his child, so you need to share some burden of your friend by gifting him something that he needs the most at such a special time of his life. It will surely make him feel good and will feel organized and make him spare some time for himself. His first Father’s Day will be more special by your gift will make him relax. We hope that this article will help you in getting your friend relaxed and rejuvenate towards his responsibility as a dad.


Is Moisturizer Safe for Pregnant?

Pregnancy is the most delicate process in which pregnant women need to take care of several things, and they undergo several physical and mental changes. Such changes in the woman’s body are proficient in making them irritated and amazed. The physical changes can be easily cured with the selection of most exceptional products according to their necessities.

During pregnancy, the woman has to face several changes in the skin as well, they need to face the dry skin and several more changes, but the dry skin issue can be easily cured with the consumption of the most exceptional product like Moisturizers Safe during Pregnancy. The finest and reliable body lotion or the moisturizers are capable of serving them with numerous skin benefits and helps them to sustain the smooth skin texture.

Is Moisturizer Safe for Pregnant?

There several developers that have been manufacturing several reliable products, and these products are serving with their paramount skills from an extended period, you need to identify the finest one according to your necessities, and you should consider the reputed and reliable brand which are serving their consumers with ease. In this piece of writing, we have brought up the topic that is the moisturizers safe to use during the pregnancy.

The moisturizers are entirely safe for consumption, and the pregnant woman can easily use it. Still, you need to identify the finest one and the most reliable brand which offers their consumers with ease. At the following points, we have described some of the benefits or the advantages of using the Safe Body Lotions and Moisturizers during Pregnancy. The following points are proficient in serving you with sufficient information regarding it. Have a look at the following points to know more:

Are the moisturizers safe to use during pregnancy?

The moisturizers are entirely safe for consumption during pregnancy. Still, you need to get the finest product from the most reliable brand to get better skin conditions along with moist and glowing skin. More often, people use the Safe Body Lotions and Moisturizers on a regular basis, which can lead to a path where they are proficient in getting several skin benefits. At the following points, we have described some of the advantages of Safe Body Lotions and Moisturizers during Pregnancy to provide you sufficient information regarding it. Check out the following points to unveil more about it:

Advantages or benefits of using the Safe Body Lotions and Moisturizers during Pregnancy

There are a lot of advantages of using the finest body lotion or the moisturizers; here, we are going to describe some of them. So the readers will be at ease while gaining more information regarding it and why you should prefer using the body lotion or the moisturizers in the pregnancy period as well.

Re-hydrate the skin

The moisturizers are capable of providing the consumers with ease while making their hydrated and glowing. During the pregnancy period, the women have to bear several physical and mental changes, but the physical changes can be cured easily with the help of the right and reliable product, in the pregnancy period the women get dehydrated and dry skin that can be easily cured with the help of right moisturizer. You should select the reputed brand for easier consumption.

Helps your skin to be relaxed

In the pregnancy period, the women may get the skin dryness issues that cause itching and makes your skin feel irritated as well. In such situations, you need to apply the finest and Safe Body Lotions and Moisturizers during Pregnancy to cure such things. The right moisturizers are proficient in serving you with numerous benefits and help your skin to be relaxed and moist.

The right moisturizer enables you to get moist skin

It is proficient in serving you with the finest and glowing skin, which means you have healthy and re-hydrated skin. So the pregnant woman must purchase a reliable and suitable product to sustain such skin texture and conditions.

These were some of the benefits or the advantages of using the moisturizers; the right moisturizer will enable them to get several skin better conditions and texture. You need to select the best and reliable product for more comfortable and reliable consumption. The right moisturizer will serve you with numerous skin benefits, and you should apply it on a regular basis to sustain better skin health and conditions.

Here we are with some frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use a moisturizer regularly?

Yes! It would be best if you used the moisturizer on a regular basis to sustain better skin conditions, and the right moisturizer is proficient at allowing the consumers to get healthy and glowing skin without making many efforts.

Mention some of the benefits of using the moisturizers

The moisturizer allows you to get several benefits by making your skin soft and moist; we have mentioned some of the benefits of applying the moisturizers so the readers will be at ease while gaining more information regarding it, check out the following points to know more:

  • The right moisturizer will allow you to get the re-hydrated skin
  • They are proficient in serving the consumers with glowing and smooth skin
  • The moisturizers have nice and pleasant which is capable of lasting long
  • They are capable of making your skin soft and relaxed
  • You are proficient in getting the glowing and smooth skin

The cessation

Now we are here with the conclusion that the right and reliable moisturizer is proficient in letting you get the finest results, and these results are capable of lasting long if you apply the moisturizer on a regular basis. The moisturizers are entirely safe when it comes to using it during the pregnancy period as well. We hope the information mentioned above has helped you to know more regarding the benefits of applying the moisturizer while being pregnant, and we have described some of the benefits of it to serve you with ease while gaining more information regarding it.

How to Clean Face at Home Naturally?

Washing your face may be your routine activity to take care of your skin and enhance your beauty. It is the best suitable time to find out how to properly wash your face and high-quality face wash products. This is because everyone can keep their skin healthy and glowing when they use the right face wash product and wash their face in a proper way. Users of the best Japanese face wash get 100% satisfaction and recommend this product to their friends.

How to Clean Face at Home Naturally?

Why should wash face every day?

Many men and women worldwide are committed to washing their face two times a day. They do not know the real benefits of washing their face. This is because they wash their face in the morning and night like the beauty maintenance routine.  Cleansing the face on a regular basis involves an array of important things. You have to understand this fact and make a good decision about how to be successful in your approach to wash your face.

You must remember that how you wash your face is very important to get a good improvement in your appearance and overall skin health. Dermatologists and beauty experts nowadays use and recommend the best-in-class nature of the face wash products. They get more than expected benefits from properly washing their face twice a day.

Everyone must cleanse their skin every evening or before they go to bed

This is because dirt and pollution accumulated on the surface of the skin during the daytime. You have to choose and use a high-quality cleanser to cleanse off such impurities and get the positive result. This is worthwhile to consider your skin type and choose an appropriate cleanser. There are different facial cleansers for oil, dry and normal skin tones. All users of the alcohol and fragrance free cleansers get more than expected benefits. They do not get any skin irritation and other problems.

You may have cleansed your face as per guidelines specified in the cleanser product

Now, you have to apply a face serum specially designed for your skin type. This product is very helpful when you are exposed to free radicals in a city. Antioxidants like green tea, seaweed, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other things in the face serum  supports the human skin to neutralize such particles and enhance the cell turnover al through the night. You must apply the face moisturizer at the end to lock everything in as favourable as possible.

A hydrating skin care product is suitable for individuals with dry, sensitive and normal skin. An oil-free product is suitable for people who have oily and combination skin. Everyone has to cleanse their face when they wake up regardless of whether they have cleansed their face at night. This is because oils and sweat accumulated on the skin overnight require proper cleansing.

If you have sensitive and dry skin, then you can avoid this process. You can use a non-wash creamy nature of the facial cleanser in the morning. Everyone with the oily and combination skin have to use a facial cleanser and complete their morning skincare routine. They make certain that they protect their skin prior to head out for the day.

How to wash your face properly

Everyone likes to keep their face fresh, bright and healthy on a regular basis. They have to wash their face every day and get the facial skin the most expected boost. Must use the suitable techniques to wash their face based on their skin type. They have to pull their hair back and start face washing by wet their skin with warm water.

Hot and cold water for face wash purpose is not recommended as it can be abrasive to the skin. Splash warm water by using your hands or use the moisten towel to wet the skin before applying the facial cleanser of your choice. Facial skin is sensitive and requiring gentle care. You have to avoid using body soap or hand as your facial cleanser. Use the special makeup remover when you wear the makeup. This is advisable to use the plain coconut oil as your natural makeup remover.

Now, gently scrub your skin to remove dead skin cells and dirt

You can keep your skin look bright and fresh when you exfoliate your skin every few days. This is because this gentle exfoliating process keeps pores from getting clogged. You can use the washcloth or facial scrub to rub your skin.

You can use a teaspoon of water or milk, a teaspoon of granulated sugar and a teaspoon of honey to make the natural facial scrub at home. Have to use the warm water to rinse your face and a towel to pat your face dry. You can apply a good toner for a smooth appearance of your skin. You have to finish with a high-quality moisturizer.

Shiseido prefect whip face wash is a popular face wash product at this time.  Every user of this Japanese face wash gets 100% satisfaction as they get the best result. Foamy and ultra-dense lather of this product preserves the skin’s moisture element and support the deep cleaning of pores. Users of this product get soft and smooth feel.

Home cleansing methods at home

There are loads of home cleansing methods recommended by beauticians worldwide. The main things involved in the face clean up at home are cleansing, steaming, scrubbing, face pack, toning and moisturisation. You can gently massage any oil cleanser into your face by using the circular motions. Use lukewarm water to wash your face. Now, use the face wash to remove any excess oil. Many people prefer the natural things for cleansing and tightening their skin.


Every user of the first-class face wash product gets the most outstanding benefits. They get a notable improvement in the appearance and health of their skin. They spend enough time to wash their face in a proper way every day and ensure that their skin is healthy and bright on a regular basis.

Dandruff Shampoo Works Wonders for Hair

Does anybody like having dandruff in their daily grooming routines? Raise your hand if you want to say yes. That’s right, I knew you was going to say that. Dandruff is not something that’s too bad. Just a little flakes that fall out of your hair when you don’t want them too. Though, its something you and I want to get rid of. They have shampoo that can get rid of it now.

Thank God for that. They call it the best anti dandruff shampoo for men. Its tailored to help men reduce dandruff building in the scalp. Reduce itchiness and add a strong layer of protection from other outside bacteria trying to invade your hair. A more through clean then the regular shampoo at your mom and pop store. Dandruff can be annoying and tough to get rid of. That is why you got to use dandruff shampoo to wash it out. More information on this dandruff shampoo below.

Causes of Dandruff

Dandruff is caused by many things. Your body can be the cause to dandruff. The body produces natural oils for the hair each year. This is performed to keep the hair from falling out and keep moisture in to protect the scalp. Now, there are times when the natural oils are turned into bacteria that wants to make flakes in your hair. That is someth8ing that just happens when you let the body use its natural oils instead of using outside artificial oils. Another cause, not washing your hair can cause dandruff to appear.

Although it is not always the case, studies have determined that by not washing your hair you can draw dandruff to your hair. Your hair must be fitted with a certain PH scale, moisture, and irritation level. If level drops before the standard level, barrier on your scalp break down and welcome bacteria that wants to live in your hair. Dandruff is what we call it but there are also other things that can live in your hair from the outside. Dandruff is probably one of the most harmless. In any event, wash hair daily to get rid of dandruff and stay away from substances that cause hair infections.

best anti dandruff shampoo for men

Make Sure Dandruff Shampoo Includes Oils

The anti-dandruff shampoo for men that you buy at the store must include oils that have been known to treat dandruff. Otherwise, you just got ripped off in your anti-dandruff shopping. You need to have tea oil or peppermint oil in your anti-dandruff shampoo product. These chemicals do a wonderful job in extracting the yeast, dead skin, and dandruff from scalp. You really need this to fight off yeast. Yeast is a mild form of dandruff that comes from overgrowth of dead skin growing on your scalp.

You see the body sheds the dead skin off daily to make you look young. But, when you let the dead skin on your body pile up, that is when you get yeast which could turn into dandruff. Place tea oil or peppermint oil on your head to wash out the dead skin and prevent dandruff in hair form getting worse. Oil also reduces the dandruff living in your head. Pretty soon, you won’t have to deal with dandruff.

Try Dandrene Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Scientists want you to wear black clothing without worrying about the spots showing up with the new dandrene anti-shampoo product. Yes, this dandruff shampoo is state of the art. DSL laboratories have been working for months to create a new innovative fighting dandruff product. The product can reduce irritation, redness, dandruff, and itch that is occurring in your hair. It performs the procedure in a gentle motion so you won’t have to deal with the roughness that some anti-dandruff shampoos expect you to put up with. Try it today if you need anti-dandruff shampoo to start with.

Is it Really Ok to Use Baby Powder On Babies?

In recent news, it has been determined by scientist that baby powder is dangerous for people. Drug Administration finds the asbestos substance made in the powder. That substance has the power to cause one cancer if it is inhaled in big doses. Johnson and Johnson baby powder company is being used in the year 2018. Strangely, this news is just now coming out. People knew about this baby powder problem back in the 1970’s. But, that was before the internet. Media could not have got around to every state unless the president made an announcement on TV. So, the question now is should I be using baby powder for my baby? Well, it depends on how you choose to use it. More information for you below.

What is Inside Baby Powder

Made with natural minerals called talc. Talc is not man made mineral. Has the ability to cause cancer or make someone breath unevenly. Mineral is safe for babies to use on their skin. Does not cause problems to skin. Mainly causes problems to a human if the substance is inhaled from the mouth or nose. Keep the smell away from you and your baby. Talc comes from a rock. Tiny little white stones bond together on a rock to form a community of talc. Talc comes in many bright colors. Most say it comes in white or clear color. Fun fact, white is the same color as baby powder so it make sense for talc to be white. The best baby powders are sure to have a white talc in it too.

Safe Way to Use Baby Powder

Baby powder is dangerous, but you can still use it today if you want. The baby powder still provides effective use in protecting the baby’s overall skin and preventing rashes. Best baby powders provide highest protection. Now, you must keep the smell away from its nose. Babies have very weak bodies and being exposed to too much talc can cause them to catch cancer or die from breath. First off, open the baby powder and take out a small portion. Then, spread it on the baby’s rump or under skin. Spread it on places where the baby can not smell it with hands or come near it. In summary, as long as you put the baby powder on skin areas not next to baby nose, you should be able to apply baby powder without causing harm.

To expand, baby powder should only be used on babies when changing diapers. Never use baby powder for other uses. It doesn’t matter if you need it for a shower or for a beach make over. Do not use it for other uses so you can keep your family safe and baby safe. Understand, the chemicals can get in your nose and cause problems. The plan is to keep the powder away from nose and stuck in diapers only. That is the safe way to do it.

Alternatives to Using Baby Powder

Baking soda is a good way to clean baby’s under skins and keep skin fresh. Baking soda is not something your neighbors will tell you. But, that one person you meet on the street will. Baking soda uses beauty healing chemicals to eliminate all odors and hydrate skin. In fact, baking soda can make skin soft and get rid of acne. Baking soda is secretly one of the best skin healing chemicals that most people think is for washing clothes only. Baking soda can additionally balance the level of skin color on baby. If your looking for a multi-purpose skin moisturizer that is cheap, look no further then the baking soda sitting in your cabinet. Warning, you need to mix baking soda with water for it be effective. Make sure to mix it every time you use it on skin or for other beauty purposes.

The Best Methods to Test Fragrances And Colognes

When confronted with a lot of perfumes that claim to be the best perfumes for men, it can get confusing on picking one. There is so many available today and they all want you to buy their product. Don’t be so quick to buy into it. Take your time. Pick the right perfume for you. There is only one you need right. The one that makes you smell your best and gets the most attention from the people you meet. How to do this is what we want to show you.

Test the Fragrance On Your Skin

The best way to know if something smells good is to spray it on your skin. Every store you go to lets you tests out perfumes on the shelf. Pick one up that you looks interesting. Then, spray it on your wrist or palm. Next, inhale the smell and figure out if you like it. If you like it, then take some home. If you don’t like it, then find something else to spray on you. You got to make sure you like the perfume above everyone else. Everyone else is just around you. You are around you all the time and what you choose to wear for the day only matters to you. It would make a difference to wear perfume that impress people for business. But when it comes to your personal life, wear what you want to wear. It will boost your confidence and make you feel stronger in yourself. Strength does impossible things.

Its not always the best perfumes for men that are best for you. Yes, there are many people saying this is great and that is great. When it comes to perfume, you got to pick what you feel is great. That is the key element. Everything else is just opinions because its a smell and what smell good is different for everybody. All in all, if you like the smell then its the best perfume for you to wear on a personal point.

How to Test Fragrance On Skin

Testing the fragrance on your skin is really easy. All you need is a small material to spray on. The material can be your hand, napkin, pencil, paper, small cloth, or object that is looks like cloth. Once you finish getting that, spray the perfume in 1 to 2 bursts. Most of the time spraying in 1 bursts gets the smell out, but there are times you got to spray 2 times to get the full smell. Sometimes, the spray, perfume, or cologne gets stuck. Wait, you also got to step back when you spray. The gas from the fragrance spreads in a way you can not predict. Do not spray it on your face or eye. That could cause you to act funny or cough.

Smell the Fragrance in the Morning

The morning is the best time to smell fragrances. Your nose is stronger in the morning. It is stronger before you take a smoke, drink, or eat. If you want to double check and make sure you bought the right fragrance, spray it on your arm in morning. You will inhale a deep whiff and feel the full fragrance effect. This effect will tell you if you need to go back to the store or leave the fragrance on the shelf.

How Long Can a Tattoo Have Lotion On It

How Long Can a Tattoo Have Lotion On It

A tattoo can have lotion on it, when its time to have lotion on it. Put lotion on that tattoo when you are going out with the Sun. Use the best sunscreen for tattoos or the cheapest. No need to put it on your tattoo at night. I can see if your trying to heal it but even then its unnecessary. Some people put lotion on their tattoo every day. That’s not a good idea. It can ruin the hydration of your tattoo and cause skin problems. The tattoo can only stay fresh if a light layer of lotion is applied to the skin. Too much disrupts the healing process. Not something you want for your new tattoo. Your tattoo also needs protection for the years to come. You will have that same tattoo for many years. Here are some information with basic tattoo and lotion knowledge.

Wait for the New Tattoo to Heal First

After you receive each tattoo, your skin starts a new layer of skin. It makes a layer that gives you more protection. At the time, the body develops a scab for your tattoo. It looks a little unpleasant but its normal and will go away soon. When you arrive to your house, do not apply liquid to the tattoo. Even if its recommended. Wait 3 days for the tattoo to be healed. Let the tattoo heal itself completely. The healing process can take longer.

Its very important to wait for the tattoo even if you disagree. That tattoo is going through a healing process that can look worse and hurt more, if you don’t let it run its course. I know your in a hurry, but tattoo healing is something you got to just wait for. Wait, it won’t be too long and its beneficial to your overall health.

To add more, you should kick your feet up on the couch and watch your favorite TV show for awhile. The tattoo needs to not be involved in physical use. The activity will damage the skin and cause the tattoo to shed its color.

How long it Take to Work

Want the exact time frame of tattoo healing? It should take about 2 weeks. Though, some people need a little more time to heal their tattoos. Its due to people having different skin types. You can increase the healing process by giving your body proper hydration and diet. Some training experts say it works. Now, the hands and feet heal up fast. They heal up in about two weeks. The human body makes the arms and legs heal faster. Its connected to ancient survival procedures. Parts in other areas take more then 2 weeks. About 1 month or so.

How to Use Sunscreen on Tattoo Properly

There is a proper way to use sunscreen on your tattoo. Use the best sunscreen for tattoos when you want to add the sunscreen. Don’t use any old sunscreen on the shelf. Those are the one not designed for tattoos. You only need to use it when you go out in the day. You don’t need to put it on during the night. Its for Sun protection. Put a thin layer of sunscreen on as well. You don’t want to cause hydration issues with your tattoo. Keep it to a low amount.